Close To The Sun-HOODLUM
2019 | PC | Developer: Storm in a Teacup | Publisher: of Wired Productions | 19.7GB
Language: Russian / English / Multi10
Language: English / Multi5
Genre: the Adventure / Horror / 1st the Person

1897 The ship "Helios" stands motionless in the middle of the open sea. Dark clouds dragged the sky, and raging waves beat against the side. Gigantic gold statues with luxurious decoration adorn every corner of the ship.

Born by the genius of Nikola Tesla, Helios serves as a haven for the greatest scientists. It is a free utopia for researchers, independent of states and hidden from the public eye. Here the boundaries of matter and time disappear.

Journalist Rose Archer goes to Helios in search of his sister Ada. She quickly realizes that something mysterious is happening on the ship. The spacious rooms are empty. The air is riddled with the stench of decaying flesh. There is a deathly silence. At the entrance there is a warning sign: "QUARANTINE!"

Game features:
- The game is a survival horror from the 1st person, where survival is all;
- The player will have to reveal a terrible secret and find out: what happened on board the ship Tesla;
- Danger is everywhere, because Rose has no real means of protection;
- An ally to help Rose through the halls of the ship;
- Nerves, stimulating research - defenseless and unarmed;
- The key to survival is running, stealth and quick thinking.

System Requirement
OS : Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Core i5 / AMD FX 2.4 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2 GB of storage
Space: 52 GB