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Instant 4-voice harmonization with one click - download a single-voice audio file and create a natural accompaniment sound of the choir and brass! Vielklang allows you to focus entirely on musical issues, not technical or theoretical, since vielklang is not only a harmonizer. It is equipped with musical intelligence and the basics of music theory: therefore, it automatically detects optimal harmony for each individual melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices, not just sounding in parallel, but also taking into account their peculiarities of voicing, choosing them automatically, providing the most natural sounding (voice science). Do not bother with terms such as tonic, tone, frequency control, harmonization, voice study, etc.

Additional Information:
The main functions are: instant 4 voice harmonization of any monophonic melody, integrated theoretical rules of voicing, providing natural automatic harmonization, automatic detection of harmony depending on the melody, one-click modification of the modal settings (for example, from major to minor)

Functions of the plug-in: system "instant copying", allowing the use of multiple harmonizations per melody, support for the audio-to-MIDI function, automatic synchronization with the tempo of the host

Undo and Redo functions recording into common stereo mix of harmonization as well as individual voices, automatic detection of pitch, note length, tonality, high-quality tonal shift while maintaining formant properties and time stretching function (+ lastique engine)

Editing functions: modifying harmony with one click, easy-to-manage interaction with such parameters as harmonization as a range or distribution of voices, full control of every single note of all voices in Edit Mode, setting up tonal leveling, delay, timbre, volume, and panning for each voice individually

Graphic Interface Functions: Virtual Keyboard Audio File with Time and Scale Parameters, Additional Display of Frequency Curve, Tone Grid and Share Grid, Graphical Interface Scanning / Convolution Management.

Whats New:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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