Quick And Easy Cooking Recipes Step By Step Guide For Beginners
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Do you want to get acquainted with Ukrainian cuisine and mentality? Let Ann and Ivan lead you on a tour!

What does "mindful eating" mean for Ukrainians? What is the difference between mindful eating and healthy eating? How to eat mindfully?
The root of these questions is not that specific diet plan-it's our mind. The difference in the mindset will drastically improve the quality of your life! Now, the question is how to achieve this mindset? That is where The Mindful Eating for Beginners comes in! This is the third book in the Mindful Moments Collection series. All books in this series are devoted to different aspects of mindful life from the Ukrainians point of view, complement each other, and can be read in free order. In this book, authors share a specific plan to build healthy eating habits, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system.

Every recipe of this book offers a delectable, easy-to-prepare dishes using familiar ingredients to help anyone find their way to better health.

Beautiful and instructive full-color photographs throughout the book reveal key preparation details that make every dish inviting and accessible. For your convenience, degrees are indicated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in all recipes. This cookbook delivers 55 (+3 bonus) recipes straight from Anka's collection:
[*]Appetizers-14 recipes;[*]Main courses-19 recipes;[*]Desserts-22 recipes;[*]Bonus-3 recipes (it will be a pleasant surprise).

During a reading, you will discover step-by-step guidelines and tips which help you feel the real taste of every moment.

Full of personal stories, this inspiring book proposes a new approach to life. Here's a small sampling of things you will find in this book:
[*]10 Steps to mindful eating;[*]3 Main questions you need to ask yourself before eating;[*]3 Steps to do while eating;[*]2 Key tips for developing mindful eating from other people;[*]6 Tips for mindful eating to normalize body weight;[*]3 Steps to optimal body weight using the power of thought;[*]10 Tips on how to strengthen your immune system;[*].and much more.

It is straightforward and, at the same time, an essential goal-to focus on benefiting people.

After reading this book, you will know how to achieve optimal health and enjoy satisfying meals in the process. So what are you waiting for?

Discover your benefits!
Category:Nursing Nutrition, Gourmet Cooking, Low Budget Cooking

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