At Peace in the Light - The Further Adventures of a Reluctant Psychic Who Reveals the Secret
epub | 197.5 KB | English | Isbn:0061094463 | Author: Dannion Brinkley, Paul Perry | Year: 2011


In "At Peace in the Light," Dannion Brinkley continues the spiritual exploration of his life and death that began in his phenomenal bestseller, "Saved by the Light." Having had two near-death experiences, one of which lasted twenty-eight minutes, Brinkley has been left with an extraordinary sense of perception. With absolute candor, he describes his struggle to become accustomed to his disorienting physic ability -- he reveals his initial uses, both positive negative, of his power and his gradual understanding of how to accomplish his mission.
While making a call on an ailing friend of his father's, Brinkley realized that he had found a way of life by helping people face the transition of death. He came to understand that his mission is to offer great comfort to the dying: In hospice work, he could help people lose their fear of death by explaining the gentle way in which we leave this world. Here Brinkley shares heartwarming stories of his ability to comfort the dying as well as those who love them. He demonstrates that the dying often have enhanced psychic ability and a clarity of vision that can make death more graceful for everyone involved. By so movingly describing his work, he gives us a different, kinder, more peaceful view of dying well and the promise of what lies beyond.

Brinkley will teach you to use his experience of panoramic life review as a guide to creating your own, instruct you on awakening and enhancing your own skills of perception and provide you with the language to deal with your own and your loved ones' mortality. His conclusions and techniques illustrate how, by focusing on our own purpose, involving ourselves in service to others, creating our own lifereviews and heightening our powers of perception, we can put richness back in our lives.

For the hundreds of thousands who found comfort and understanding in "Saved by the Light" and for those facing mortality or the loss of a loved one, Dannion Brinkley's new message offers inspiration, guidance and the opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal.
Category:Occult ESP, ESP

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