Falling For the Younger Man An - Emma Tharp
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How young is too young when it comes to dating? Grace Larsen is about to find out.

Losing her husband nearly destroyed her financially. Yet, in some ways, it was freeing, emotionally. Her son didn't take the death of his father well, so she sends him away to the Cape for the summer for a reset. Some time away from home to get back on the straight and narrow. Except after he leaves, he isn't keeping in contact, which usually means he's getting into trouble. Grace has to sneak down to the beach to check on Cam, to be prepared for whatever she'll be bailing him out of next. Who she doesn't expect to sneak up on her is Chance Taylor. He's all grown up, but still too young for her.

Chance needs a way to make his ex jealous. When Grace-his friend Cam's hot mother-strolls up to the bar, he kno what he has to do. Get her to go out on one date with him to move his plan forward. Grace resists at first. Outwardly, she's the picture of calm and confidence, but she reminds him of a bunny being stalked by a wolf in the snow. She's ready to bolt at any moment, and he'll be left in the cold.*But he has something on her, so she reluctantly agrees to one date.

Neither Grace nor Chance have any idea what they're getting themselves into. Because sometimes you can resist temptation, but this time it's much harder than Grace remembers. Chance isn't as young and naive as she initially imagined and is showing her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Grace thinks she needs an out, an exit strategy, almost as much as she needs to give Chance a try.

Grace thinks love is for the weak. She doesn't need anyone to complete her. Will Chance be able to prove her wrong?

This book is intended for a mature audience. 18+
This is book 3 in the Summer Secrets Series, but can be read as a standalone.
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