Stripping for Daddy
epub | 426.31 KB | English | Author :Gia Blue | Coming Together

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Virgin runaway, Holly, is a big girl now, all grown up and ready for her first job as an adult. Her career choice? Stripper. But, when she arrives at Roxy's, she's surprised to find out that her ex-foster father is the owner... and that he'll be "interviewing" her. What starts as a pole dance quickly turns into something more when "Daddy" sho Holly how happy he is to see her again.
[color=rgb(153,][color=rgb(255,]Coming Together: Tabooty is an ebook line of single titles featuring taboo relationships, inspired by's blocking of certain titles due to the fact that they contain incestual relationships. The Tabooty line features erotic fiction considered taboo by current social standards. This includes not only incest but unusual fetishes and/or sex with clergy. Regardless of the taboo, all material will involves (a) consensual relationships and (b) participants of legal age. There is no sexual activity involving minors and no coercion (i.e., blackmail, rape, etc.).[/color] [color=rgb(255,]ALL proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Tabooty titles will benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation.[/color][/color]

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