On the Hunt TL Reeve
epub | 219.78 KB | English | Author :TL Reeve, Michele Ryan | 2020 | R2R Publishing

Book Description :

Julian Rienhard, Nathaniel Elsberg, Heath Jacobs and Theodore Graham are in over their heads with their teammate, Piper Thomas. The intelligent woman drives them insane, while also challenging them scientifically. Julian realizes there is something different about their relationship, and he's willing to accept it, as long as his best friend Theo does as well along with Nathaniel and Heath. But the stubborn, aggravating woman doesn't know the meaning of wait.

Piper Thomas is tired of waiting. Half in love with her four teammates, she isn't sure how to approach them. The near constant feeling of having to prove herself worthy of their approval is draining. So, when the White Chapel case is given to their team of Travelers, she takes matters into her own hands and goes in search of the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper.

Heath Jacobs, their resident crime writer, hits them with the worst ne possible with an article dated for the same day Piper returned to the heart of London. Piper is dead. Now, it's a race against the clock to find her and stop her death. Will they be able to get to her in time and confess their love for her, or will Piper become the next victim of the psychotic serial killer, Jack the Ripper?

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