The Holy Land (2003) by Robert Zubrin
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To save the Minervans from oppression in the central galaxy, the liberal Western Galactic Empire relocates the sect to their ancient homeland of Kennewick, Washington. But for the fundamentalist fanatics who rule the United States, the presence of pagans in the holy city is intolerable.
When direct assault to expel the intruders fails, the U.S. government tries to mobilize galactic opinion by moving the Kennewickians into miserable refugee camps and recruiting their children for suicidal attacks on the Minervans. But this play for sympathy falls on deaf ears of the policy makers of the mighty WGE.
If the Minervans are ever to be removed, the WGE needs to receive a more forceful message, and the President and his cabinet are prepared to deliver it. Camps for training planet assassins are set up. Soon, billions of pagan aliens would know the wrath of the followers of Jesus.
Unfortunately, there was one little problem with this brilliant plan.
"Quick, witty satire -- barbed and funny at the same time." -Greg Benford
"The Holy Land is manic, satirical, and smart. Social Commentary Has never been so much fun." - Keven J. Anderson
"A tale of high adventure and deep humanistic insight...And the satire has quite a bite." - Heather Preston, Mensa Bulletin
"Zubrin scores good points against all sides." - Fred Cleaver, The Denver Post
"It's really terrific - fresh, fun, original, and sharply relevant." - Adam Bellow
"Zubrin's out of control and very funny, and you never know whether he is going to poke precisely or slap you with a bladder. Striking out in all directions, The Holy Land demonstrates a righteous anger at human folly in the 21st centruy. It's a target rich environment, and Zubrin's an artist with a thompson." - Greg Bear
"It's a hoot." - Jim Hopper, San Diego Union-Tribune

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