The Songbird Cottage Sylvia Price
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A feel-good read about family loyalties and second chances set on Canada's picturesque Cape Breton Island, this book is perfect for those who enjoy sweet romances, countryside landscapes, and heartwarming endings.

Emma Copeland's second marriage lasted only nine months. When Emma turned 50, she promised herself she wouldn't be one of those lonely old divorcées who dated and never settled down, so she rushed into a second marriage with smooth-talking Andrew Schönfeld. When he dies suddenly, Emma loses everything.
With her life in shambles, Emma turns to her first husband, Dr. John Havisham, the father of her two girls. The only problem is, John is now married to Linette, the woman with whom he had had an affair when he was still married to Emma, and Linette despises Emma. John agrees to help out Emma despite Linette's vociferous disapproval by letting Emma stay in his cottage on Cape Breton Island.
As the beauty of Pleasant Bay and the peacefulness of Songbird Cottage begin to heal Emma, she gets more shocking ne.
Join Emma as she begins a new life on Cape Breton Island, and get to know her family and the friendly locals.
This is the first book in the Pleasant Bay series.

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