Downfall - Shae Scott
epub | 1.1 MB | English | Author :Shae Scott | 2020 | Shae Scott

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How does the fairytale end when the princess ghosts out on the marriage two weeks in?

Seriously. Someone tell me, because this is not how I pictured happily every after going. Sure, Lily McCandless warned me from the beginning that she didn't do commitment. And yeah, we started out as a casual vacation hook-up. But we moved past that. We fell in love. Isn't love supposed to conquer all? That's what all the stupid books say.

I don't know if we can fix this. But I don't know how to walk away from the one person who sets my whole world on fire either. I used to think that I could convince Lily to believe in a love that lasts forever; now I wonder if we've all been lying to ourselves. Maybe that kind of love doesn't exist at all.

Maybe some happy endings don't find their way until you burn them to the ground first.

Downfall is a companion novel to On Paper and part of the Bookworm Series. It can be read as a standalone but is connected to On Paper and its characters and storyline. You can also read Free Fall, a Prequel Novella which showcases how Lily and Miles met.

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