Evils Pawn - Raven Dark
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He promised to make me pay for stealing from his club. But now, he's decided that owning me is not enough. The scorching hot, frighteningly dark, and unrelentingly dangerous monster who holds me captive won't be satisfied until he's broken me.

From Book One


She's mine.
Not because she's in love with me,
but because as the Sergeant At Arms for the Devil's Outla MC,
I'm expected to handle her.

I enjoy punishing her
for her crime against the MC.
I'm glad she did what she did.
Because now I get to keep her.

But she's not who she says she is.
I'm going to get to the bottom of her little game
and shut it down.

Now I can't figure out if I need to kill her
or protect her.
I'll keep her alive.as long as she doesn't lie.


What did I do?
One bad decision
sent my world spiraling into hell.
Straight into the arms of a monster.
I had no choice.
Now the question is
which is better,
The cult whose horrors I barely escaped,
Or the nightmare my outlaw captor has trapped me in?

I may hate where I am now,
But I can't stop thinking about him.
I loathe him with every fiber of my being,
yet when he leaves, I crave his touch.

I'm his captive, his prisoner.
I'm playing a role,
Planning my escape.
As long as he doesn't see through my facade,
I'll make it out alive.
I'll make it out before he destroys me.

***DISCLAIMER: Cliffhanger ahead. Spider's story is told over the first three books of Devil's Outla, and will conclude in book 3, EVIL'S PACT. The following two books will feature another couple. This is a Dark MC Romance containing triggering sexual situations, violence, and offensive language. Read at your own risk.

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