Shock Me An Opposites Attract - Casey Hagen
epub | 224.47 KB | English | Author :Casey Hagen | 2020 | Hagen Novels, LLC

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Mama always warned her that a sense of adventure would only lead to trouble.
Tall. Dark. Delicious. Trouble.

Mabel Lee Montgomery lives in the cradle of the church's stifling arms. A disgraced preacher's dutiful daughter, she's protective of her mama and works endlessly to abolish the stigma left by her father's scandal. But sometimes a woman just has to hang up her good girl ways and break free for a night. What better way than a bachelorette celebration at a wildly popular and completely taboo strip club outside the city limits?

Kellen Savage never thought a brief stint stripping would be more than a quick infusion of cash to repair the wreckage of his tumultuous past. Repelling the hungry pursuit of a serious relationship by the female persuasion just served as an added bonus. Until the prim and proper hot mess sitting front and center gives him an unintended show of her own between her tongue, a cherry, and enticing cleavage. Fascinated by her resilience as she stubbornly tries to keep up with her fast friends, he might just have to rethink his bachelor status.

Call it fate or call it a night of sin ending with a phone number scrawled on a condom. Either way, Mabel Lee and Kellen are about to embark on the joy ride of their lives. Their adventure starts out with fun and games, but the blind curves in the road ahead may prove too sharp for this unlikely match to maneuver. When the dust settles, Mabel Lee may have to face that fact that she's more apt for scandal than a church pew, but will she be cut out for the scarlet letter it comes with?

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