101 Worlds Greatest Castles OCR
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The third edition of this book has been updated to cover essential developments in American law. Some areas, such as same-sex marriage, have changed dramatically since the second edition. The fundamental rules, court cases, concepts, and trends of key subjects in American law are presented in a narrative that is tailored to the reader who does not have an American legal background. Each chapter offers streamlined versions of illustrative cases, summarizes the leading doctrines, analyzes trends, highlights areas of contemporary debate, raises questions for further discussion, and lists important vocabulary words. The book allo students from anywhere to learn American law through cases, as American lawyers do, but also provides the context they may need to make sense of the opinions.

This book is ideal for those who want to understand the contemporary American legal system at more than a superficial level, but who are not currently studying to become American lawyers. The style, organization and content make it useful for a variety of readers: those planning to enter law school, legal assistants, students of American law outside the United States, American undergraduates taking a course in American law and/or in a pre-law program, and graduate level students in areas impacted by American law. In addition to the content, the size, weight, and price of the book make it attractive to students and teachers alike.

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