Alternative History - What If OCR
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What would America look like if it had never been overrun by Europeans? This is the scenario encountered by young Tom Hathaway, a student pilot from 1976 Virginia Beach. How could he have known that an alternate world existed right under his nose-the one which began in the year 1000 AD when Vikings came to the New World and succeeded in making a permanent settlement? Of course, he couldn't have known, that is, apart from stepping through the stone archway.
In this amazing story, Tom enters a world where America was never founded and the only Europeans that inhabit North America, now called Vinlandia, are a few Vikings and a Christian priest or two. The English language he kno is spoken by no one. For reasons he can't explain, the technology is 100 years behind, even though he didn't go back in time. But Tom must learn to adapt to the ways of the Vinlandians in order to survive.
His new life sends him on an adventure that his friends and family back home could only dream about. Love, war, and the invention of the airplane await him as he drifts farther and farther from the Virginia Beach he left behind. Yet some things have never left his mind: Who lured him through the archway? Will he ever get home? Most importantly-would he go back if he could?

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