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Become a faster, more confident obstacle course racer!

In 2016, over 70% of all our athletes qualified for the OCR World Championships, while 80% of our Elite Spartan Racers competed in the Spartan Race World Championships. Two of our Competitive Division Spartan Race athletes finished ranked 3rd and 10th overall in all of Canada.

This book contains the exact workouts that helped us get there.

Most of the athletes I coach are very busy people. They have families, pets, and stressful professional lives. They sit on volunteer boards and take time to give back to their community.

There's always something going on in our lives, so we need to make sure our workouts are as efficient as possible. We don't have hours per day to spend out on the trails like most pros.

If you have unlimited time for training and choose to spend most your life doing so, then this probably isn't the book for you. But if you, like us, live busy lives outside of obstacle course racing, I believe the fun and efficient workouts in this book can help you.

Through our training - through the exact workouts described in this book - my teammates and I have achieved more than we ever thought possible.

We've transformed ourselves from half-decent Open category athletes into top-10 finishing Spartan Race Elites.

You probably won't win the World Championships simply following the workouts in this book. But I believe these workouts will help you fall in love with your training, and become a faster, more confident obstacle course racer in the process.

We proved that it's possible to go far in OCR without devoting your entire life to training.

Now it's your turn.

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