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You may have read the stories of Noah, Esther, or Mary a hundred times. But you've never read them like this. Introducing Eyewitness-a new vivid, personal Bible experience that helps you see God in a fresh way.

Vivid first-person narratives.
Eyewitness brings you 35 true-to-Scripture Bible stories that bring you face-to-face with the people in the Bible. As they tell their own firsthand accounts of encountering God, their experiences become more real. Bible truths become more relevant. And God's love feels more vibrant and alive.

Captivating artwork.
Every page features imaginative illustrations from a dozen artists from around the world. It's an illustrated approach to Bible storytelling that grabs you by the heart and kindles your spirit.

A perfect gift for the spiritually unsure. A lot of people admit they don't read the Bible. But they will dive into Eyewitness. It's designed to make Bible stories more accessible and understandable for those who are biblically curious.

A soul-stirring story Bible for adults and teens.
Eyewitness captures the wonder and intimacy of a relationship with God in a book that grown-ups and young adults will find irresistible.

See for yourself how Eyewitness can change the way you view the Bible and God's love.

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