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Let me tell you this; all the stories you hear about basketball groupies are true. But just because I've enjoyed sampling those delicacies in the past doesn't mean I'm not in the mood for a fresher, more enticing, home-cooked dish.
And meeting Skylar at the local juice joint does more than whet my appetite. This hot redhead is sexy, funny, and smart, and our sparkling encounter comes just at the time when I'm beginning to question my pro basketball career, with its long hours on the road traveling from town to town, and no one to come home to.
Is she the right woman for me? The one who can make me decide to give it up for good and settle down? Or do I dare ask her to give it all up and follow me?


Working at the best juice place in town has its perks . . . especially on the weekends when all those hunky, sweaty athletes crowd inside for their fresh fruit fix. When the store's juicer starts sounding more like a trash compactor, a big blond cutie step in to help. As it turns out, his huge, gifted hands work not only on basketballs and machinery, but on a woman's body as well!
But he's a basketball star, used to being surrounded by groupies and adoring fans. What makes me think I'd be special? And what's going to happen when he moves on with his team, to another town, another basketball game, and another crowd of girls who are only too happy to throw themselves at him?
Is it worth risking my heart on something that will only end in hurt?

Meet the curvy young women who work at F&V, the town's most popular juice bar. Here they encounter the alpha men that tempt them, frustrate them and end up stealing their heart. Each story is a steamy stand-alone with a HEA.

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