Finding the Forgotten- Emilia Hartley
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She's escaping a manipulative boyfriend. He's huge, big-hearted, and intent on protecting her. They'd be great together if only his protection didn't feel like a new trap.

Nobody has ever needed Dillon. Not his mom, who dumped him with a dragon-shifter clan when his beast manifested. Not his adoptive parents, who never wanted kids. Not his clan leader, who sent Dillon with other misfits to retrieve his son. Not even the women he protected as a club bouncer. In fact, the only woman who looks at Dillon without any fear in her eyes is
Isabella, the pregnant friend of a friend who is crashing at the guys' cabin until she can get on her feet. Dillon would do anything for Isabella-absolutely anything. Even give her the time and space she needs to heal after her last relationship.

As timid as her pet rabbit, Isabella worries about moving in with a group of dragon shifters, but they're sweeter than she imagined, especially Dillon. The big, quiet guy is always doing something for somebody. Isabella will never be able to pay him back for all his kindnesses. Every day, her debt to him gro deeper and her attraction to him gro stronger. If only his protective nature didn't trigger memories that put her in a panic, a relationship with him would be perfect. But maybe it's best not to start up anything serious. A fight with Dillon's old clan is coming, and her fearful, frail, pregnant-human self will be a liability. For Dillon's own good, she has to leave him. It will break her heart, but it's the only way. Dillon deserves better.

Finding the Forgotten is book two in the Rogue Dragons series. Though the books are probably best read in order, Dillon and Isabella's story stands on its own-a complete romance with some steam and a very satisfying happy-ever-after.

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