The Wounded Heart of a Cowboy - MJ Andre
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This is the third book from the McGuire Family Series but can be read as a stand-alone book.

Finn McGuire has settled into his new life in Silverton well. With the help of his family, he's been able to overcome the demons he brought home from his time as an Army Ranger. He doesn't regret serving his country but he wishes he there for his family in times of need. His older brothers, Remi and Sawyer found lasting love with great women who fill their hearts completely. Finn's heart, however; continues to have scars that few understand. He needs someone who can appreciate his wounds and heal with him. Turns out, finding that woman in the pot of ladies in Silverton has been a challenge.

Dani's pissed after being discharged from her spot as a Navy SEAL after an injury. Her band of brothers are the only family she has grown to love. Now, it feels as though that has been yanked away from her. She's struggling to find her place in the world and is hesitant to look for love. She'd never been loved before and those she had come to love in the past only ended up hurt because of her. Dani's world changed when she rode her Harley through Silverton and meeting Finn McGuire was a plus. But we all carry baggage from our past. It just happens to be that Dani carries enough luggage for a trip to the moon. Her physical scars have healed but she hasn't been able to push past the pain of her trauma.

Both have a past they'd rather keep secret but when Dani's life is threatened by a dark figure from her history, will Finn and the McGuires be able to help her? Can they show her the true meaning of family and convince her she is worthy of love and happiness? Or will it all be cut short before the future can even been planned?

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