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As a CNC programmer or machinist on the shop floor who is responsible for creating or editing CNC programs, you need a reliable, fast, and professional tool to make your job faster and more productive. CIMCO Edit is a great editor for those CNC programmers that demand a full-featured and reliable, yet cost-effective editing and communication tool.

Essential editing tools
CIMCO Edit provides a comprehensive set of essential editing tools necessary for meeting the demands of modern CNC program editing.

It has no program size limitations and includes CNC code specific options such as line numbering / renumbering, character handling and XYZ range finder. It also features math functions including basic math, rotate, mirror, tool compensation, and translate. CIMCO Edit offers all the functions expected from an editor including drag-and-drop text editing. Best of all CIMCO Edit is completely configurable and is easily adapted to any existing CNC program editing environment.

Faster editing with NC-Assistant
The NC-Assistant makes editing NC code faster and easier than ever. Point at any M or G code and the NC-Assistant will identify the code allowing you to modify values using an interactive interface linked to the CNC code. Input the desired values for any register and the NC-Assistant updates the CNC code automatically.

The NC-Assistant in CIMCO Edit allows you to quickly insert and edit complex cycles and operations. CIMCO Edit includes built-in cycles and macros for the most common operations such as program start, program stop and tool change. You can also record or create custom cycles and macros for the operations most common to your own specific setups and applications.

Graphical Backplotter
The 3D Mill / 2D Lathe backplotter handles your 3-axis Mill and 2-axis lathe CNC programs with step and continuous forward and reverse plotting. Edit the CNC program and the update is automatically reflected in the plot. Analyze the plot with dynamic zoom, pan, rotate and measuring functions. CIMCO Edit supports solid visualization of NC code with toolholder collision check and gouge detection.

Intelligent File Compare
CIMCO Edit features a fast and fully configurable side-by-side file compare, allowing the user to quickly identify CNC program changes (shown at 2:40 in video). The file compare identifies changed and deleted / inserted lines, but ignores trivial format changes like block renumbering and spacing. Differences are displayed one line at a time, all at once or printed side-by-side for offline review.
-Mazatrol Viewer
-Version Comparison

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, or Windows 10 / Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 / 32 bit and 64 bit versions supported.
CPU:1.5GHz. Intel or AMD Processor.
Memory:1 GB RAM.
Space:1.5 GB free harddisk space.
Open GL compatible graphics card required for backplot option in CIMCO Edit.
Monitor with minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Changes in CIMCO DNC-Max 8.08.10
-Option to select file on the control after transferring it through FOCAS.
-Option to transfer to the Data Server through FTP when transferring to a FANUC control with a data-server using FOCAS2. The mapping can be done from an arbitrary folder under FOCAS to an arbitrary folder over FTP.
-Option to specify a dummy file on the CNC for DNC-Max to set as active program before performing directory clean on CNC.

Changes in CIMCO NC-Base (Add-On for CIMCO Edit) 8.08.10
-Added command-line options to log in an NC-Base user on launch.
-Added option to actively inform the user if a search in the NC-Base yields no results.
-Added option to limit printing to a certain page range on a per-client basis.
-Added a user group right possibility to block users from viewing programs not of status 'Approved'
-ADded an option to have two names for the same program in the NC-Base. The alternative name acts more or less identically to the normal program name when looking up programs, except for automatic modifications, such as through auto import and auto receive.
-Added command line option to lock NC-Base Searches to a specific machine group for the Editor session. When showing ports in the machine group search dropdown, the lock can be applied as port name as well.
-Added option to disable the need for the user to confirm sending a program to the CNC using DNC-Max.
-Input focus will now automatically switch to search field for program name when launching the NC-Base Explorer.

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