Science 2009 04 17
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Author: Fernando | PAge: 130 | Year: 2018


This publication, Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-04.17 Techniques for Forward Arming and Refueling Points June 2018, describes forward arming and refueling point (FARP) operations for aviation units. It also includes planning considerations for FARP setup and transportation planning considerations for Class III and V products.

The principal audience for this publication is commanders, staff, and mission planners at combat aviation brigades (CAB) and echelons below the CAB. The principles in this publication apply to all aviation units involved in forward arming and refueling missions. Trainers and educators throughout the Aviation Branch will also use this publication.

Commanders, staffs, and subordinates ensure that their decisions and actions comply with applicable United States, international, and in some cases host-nation laws and regulations.

This publication applies to the Active Army, the Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. The proponent for this publication is the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE).

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